Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on Tristan :)

I can't believe all the milestones Tristan has hit in this past month. He is becoming so active and crazy! I am loving every minute of it

We Took Tristan to Zeppe to celebrate his first teeth! He got a TINY taste of ice cream but I let him have a few tastes of the water ice. HE LOVED IT! His first tooth was his right side fang! followed by two bottom teeth 3 days later and the left side fang about a week and a half after that!

This is the first time Tristan sat up in a big boy high chair! Drinking water from a straw from grammy.

He is the sweetest little snuggle bug! I am so lucky he will still do this occasionally!

Sitting up is coming, not quite there but we are working on it!


Jenny said...

Oh I like him :) such a cute crawling boy! Can't believe how big he's gotten

cidnym said...

Wow! He is changing so fast! What a beautiful little guy!