Friday, May 28, 2010

My best friend's wedding!

Introducing Mr and Mrs Jeffery! My best friend Lucia got married yesterday and I was absolutely honored to be one of her bridesmaids! I am so happy for these two, they are going to have a fantastic life!

Luci looked absolutely gorgeous!!

This cute little boy is 5 months old and his name is Jackson. It was so funny when Tristan noticed him he was like oh my heck! another little guy like me!! They jabbered at eachother and giggled and Tristan reached out and was touching his face. :) It was darling!

This is our attempt at a family picture. I looked good and Chris closed his eyes, Chris finally smiled for real and my smile was scary... so yeah this is the best we got. Cute enough. Of course Tristan can do no wrong and always looks cute!

Addie loves a party! She looked so cute in her little purple dress.

I love my sweet baby!

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Jenny said...

such a pretty wedding and gorgeous bride!!

i love the pictures. we've got the cutest friggin kids ever and you looked so pretty :)