Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 08

Little sweetie addie was so exhausted!!! She refused to wake up after the Party at Grandma Margarets house!

THis is our little nephew caleb in his santa outfit playing with his new toys :) he was so cute and fun!

Here is Chris Playing with his two new toys!!! We got spoiled!!! Chris's dad got us the playstation! and well Santa gave us Guitar hero!

This is our adorable Christmas Tree! haha I love that you can see a pole going up right through it.. eat your heart out charlie brown ;)

We had our first Christmas together this past year!!!! Even though we dated for about a year we just happened to be "on a break" over Christmas last year so got to have our first christmas together and as a married couple!! We had a whole weeks worth of Christmas Extravaganza! On Christmas Eve we went to the Weller house which has been a tradition for over 30 years

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Jenny said...

Yay for Christmas and week long extravaganzas! We missed you that day but were glad that we could play the night before....and all the time ;)